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Pyrolysis, Gasification and Biochar:

 "The Best Local Solution to issues of Climate, Energy & Food security"


Biochar Consulting (Canada) provides comprehensive technical services to clients who wish to undertake projects to produce or utilize Biocarbon or "Biochar".


Consultancy services include:

  -  testing  -  start-up assistance  -  troubleshooting  -  validation  -  project management  -  compliance  -
- operator and maintenance training - quality assurance and control  -  engineering  -  commissioning  - 
- operations  and  process recommendations  -


 Biochar Consulting provides comprehensive technical support services for clients who wish to undertake a project or projects that incorporate the bioenergy by-product called "biochar".


What is Biochar?  Simply put, Biochar is charcoal intended for use in soils.

 Biochar Consulting is one of the nation's pioneer leaders in the development of the Biochar industry in Canada and provides professional Engineering Support Services to assist engineering and R&D teams undertake projects.

 We provide: 

  • - In-field commissioning, testing and troubleshooting
  • - Installation support and logistics
  • - System calibration, testing and verification services
  • - System maintenance support
  • - Field training for maintenance personnel and system operators
  • - Onsite customer support


 Biochar Consulting can also work with you to help further develop a commercially viable Biochar industry in Canada and the Americas by promoting solutions that achieve your specific engineering, environmental and social outcomes.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009
Biochar Consulting (Canada)
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