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  For all projects involving Biochar, Biochar Consulting helps to ensure your project gets done on time and on budget and will provide either short or long-term support to ensure its continued success.

Biochar Consulting brings several essential elements together:

    - Engineering experience
    - Project Management experience
    - Environmental, earth (soil) and ecosystem management expertise
    - Field installation, commissioning, testing, calibration and verification experience
    - New product development experience
    - Client management experience


    Biochar Consulting is able to quickly understand, manage, implement and support your project through its entire life-cycle, from concept to implementation and follow-up validation.

  Projects integrating and utilizing Biochar usually wish to achieve specific goals.

They may be related to:

- energy generation or energy security 
- environmental goals related to climate change 
- water issues 
- soil carbon management 
- issues related to soil and crop health and robustness (environmental stress) 
- issues related to contaminated soils 
- site remediation 
- fertilizer use 
- nutrient retention and the effects of soil and land management.

  Using an extensive network of partners and contacts, Biochar Consulting is positioned to draw on this expertise to ensure the successful realization of your objectives.

  To help you overcome any technical, administrative or regulatory obstacle that may challenge the viability of your project we have cultivated a wealth of information and essential contacts in:

    - government 
    - universities 
    - non-government organizations (NGO) 
    - private industry
    - entrepreneurs

We will work with you to make your project become a success.

  We will undertake Project-related planning, testing and R&D leading to:

    - Field commissioning of equipment and 
    - Application of solutions

We will then follow up with:

    - monitoring
    - maintenance
    - data collection

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Lloyd Helferty, engineering technologist

  With more than 10 years of experience working for various multinational corporations in Canada and around the world, M​r. Helferty has provided project and system support for domestic and international firms undertaking engineering projects and activities related to research, development and deployment (RD&D) of custom automated equipment within several key sectors. ​ Mr. Helferty therefore has a solid background and experience in Project and Programme management, undertaking various aspects of field commissioning, sales and marketing support, pre-planning and site preparation, as well as pre-shipment and post-shipment planning, testing, verification, documentation and in-field customer support, education and training.

 M​r. Helferty is also ​considered to be one of the nation’s pioneer leaders in the development of the Biochar industry and ​his expertise includes professional Engineering Support Services to assist both Public and Private engineering, sales, marketing, Project Management and R&D teams undertake projects and deploy their technologies. He strives to integrate Biochar into the new “Green economy” and make the Canadian Biochar industry the gold standard of innovation, technology, job creation and growth within this emerging sustainable bio-energy, materials and soil & environmental management industry.

  M​r. Helferty graduated from Yorkville University’s School of Technology in 1995 and worked as a Product Development Specialist and Technical Support Manager for more than ten years before freelancing as an independent consultant, focusing on Renewable Energy system development.Over the years Lloyd has worked, traveled and lived in countries around the world, from Europe to South America to the Far East and has lived overseas in Taiwan for more than two years, experiencing first-hand both the business and ethnic cultures of Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Brazil the UK and the United States, among other countries in both the developed and developing world.

  M​r. Helferty is the founder and President of Biochar-Ontario, is the Steering Committee coordinator of the Canadian Biochar Initiative (CBI), and is an Advisory Committee member of the International Biochar Initiative (IBI). Most recently Lloyd co-founded a national consulting team called the Canadian Biochar Consortium (CBC), and has been active in helping to prove the value of biochar in a Canadian context.

  M​r. Helferty's role within Biochar Consulting is to provide advice and consulting services for clients who wish to undertake projects for land rehabilitation and remediation, for those who wish to undertake field trials with biochar, and for those who wish to monetize the carbon ‘sequestered’ by their Biochar project (i.e. collecting Biochar Carbon Credits & other Environmental Attributes).  Lloyd has also provided assistance with system integration, application, design and various other high-value services to clients in Ontario, Canada and from around the world.

  M​r. Helferty has completed Renewable Energy training workshops at the Kortright Centre for Conservation and has attended two [2] Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF) ‘CHAB Camp’ workshops to learn the intricacies of Combined Heat and Biochar (CHAB) systems as well as Biomass Gasifier design and construction techniques. His many efforts and attempts at achieving some measure of sustainability both within his community and around the world has also included supporting the creation of a viable Biochar and Energy business in the Toronto area that helps deal with the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) issue in and around the city, while simultaneously supporting the development of an industry association in multiple jurisdictions across Canada, while lending support to various international partners, including in the United States, Asia, Mexico and Europe (among others).

  M​r. Helferty is an advocate for the smart and sustainable use of technology, energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable land use, soil and nature conservation, good community design, and the renaturalization of our towns and cities. He has been involved in supporting the development of the biochar industry and projects in Canada as well as in other jurisdictions such as Mexico, Haiti, Africa, China, Taiwan, Japan and Nepal, and is working toward the creation of a Biochar educational centre in the Toronto area.


The Biochar Consulting Logo:

The Biochar Consulting Logo symbolizes the complex relationship and synergies between energy, engineering and the environment.


Our logo symbolizes the convergence of three important 21st century concepts that modern businesses recognize are essential to sustainable business development:

Successful modern businesses realize that energy is no longer cheap. Building a winning business plan in the 21st Century means actively minimizing controllable costs. Energy use is now a significant, but controllable, cost to business. It is becoming clear that businesses who know how to minimize energy use by becoming more efficient, or who learn how to produce their own energy, will be the most successful players in the immediate future.

A modern economy requires both modern technology and a new mindset that ensures rapid communications, feedback and realistic management decision-making to keep pace with the major trends of our time, including the key short and long-term factors influencing businesses worldwide: climate change, energy depletion, soil and land degradation, freshwater shortages and biodevastation of species. Technologies that serve to improve any of these factors have a higher chance of success in today’s world than those that perpetuate existing trends.

No longer a secondary consideration, it is now widely understood that sustainable businesses can only succeed in a world where natural systems are flourishing. It has been said, "The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment”. The mineral riches of the Earth itself are what ultimately control all trade and industrial activity because it is the source of the materials upon which all economic activity works. That is why economy and ecology cannot be separated. Successful 21st Century businesses have learned to build upon a sustainable natural resource base that is enhanced through human activity rather than degraded by it.


Biochar Consulting is geared to the success of your project by bringing these three essential elements together. Using an extensive network of partners and contacts with government, academia, non-government (NGO), private industry and entrepreneurs we are positioned to create an interlinked matrix that combines these three modern and essential business concepts to ensure the successful realization of your objectives.


Biochar Consulting Logo
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Biochar Consulting (Canada)
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